Australian-Lebanese telling their stories – past, present and future




Australian-Lebanese telling their stories – past, present and future

We are dedicated to telling the inspiring stories of Australian-Lebanese in Victoria through writings, photography, film, paintings, cultural events and exhibitions.

Some of these stories focus on the past, some on the present. All are recorded for future generations.

Each story invokes the journey of the Australian-Lebanese, from their arrival in the late 1800s to the present. These stories speak of the joys, struggles, humour and courage of families, individuals, businesses, churches, mosques, schools, cultural organisations and communities.

Our Organisation

Funding was obtained from the Victorian Multicultural Commission in 2005 to establish The Australian Lebanese Historical Society of Victoria. ALHSV was incorporated on July 7 2005 and formally launched at the Royal Historical Society of Victoria, Melbourne, on 4 October 2006.

We welcome as members all who have an interest in the ALHSV goals and activities.

The ALHSV is run by a Council with elections held bi-annually.

We aim to…

  • Foster research, writing and exhibitions on Lebanese heritage, culture and history in Victoria.
  • Identify and record materials related to Lebanese migration and settlement in Victoria.
  • Promote the study and publication of the contributions of the Lebanese Community to Australian society.
  • Liaise with mainstream collecting and displaying bodies such as museums, libraries, archival resource centres and cultural organisations.
  • Build understanding of their cultural heritage among the Australian-Lebanese Community of Victoria.
  • Sponsor and develop applications for projects in support of the above.

Our Activities include…

  • Conducting functions, events, exhibitions, talks and seminars
  • Participating in activities conducted by other organisations
  • Publishing a members’ Newsletter
  • Developing a website with information on:
    current and future activities of ALHSV
    – projects already completed
    – projects currently being undertaken
    – relevant references and resources
    – ALHSV Council members and other people to contact
    – opportunities for people to include their own stories
    – links to related websites.
  • Build understanding of their cultural heritage among the Australian-Lebanese Community of Victoria.
  • Sponsor and develop applications for projects in support of the above.

ALHSV Community Survey

The ALHSV is conducting a community survey to help it meet the needs of the Lebanese community in Victoria.

Please go to the link below to complete this survey.

Results will be published on this website.


Andrew Batrouney


Andrew Batrouney is a teacher and historian who has written extensively on the migration and settlement of Lebanese in Australia. He has written, with his brother Dr Trevor Batrouney, two books on Lebanese immigration and settlement in Australia as well as research papers and monographs on multiculturalism and immigrant groups.

Nadine Samaha

Vice President

Nadine is an award winning architect in Melbourne in the sustainability space. She is interested in preserving the cultural aspects of Lebanese immigration and settlement as they influence the human experience.

Mae Batrouney


Mae is a well recognised Careers Councillor and Teacher in Victorian schools. She is the President of the Careers Education Association of Victoria (CEAV) and has worked for many years counselling students on their pathway through school into their post-school options. She has also worked to develop policy and programs to support girls to move in non-traditional vocations.

Sam P Haddad JP


Salem was born in Kab – Elias, Lebanon. He came to Australia in 1966. Successfully self-employed in real estate since 1975, he is married with three children. Over many years, Salem has worked tirelessly for the Lebanese community in Melbourne. His deep commitment to community issues saw him awarded an OAM as recognition for his many years of service. Salem has held positions such as Trustee/Australian Lebanese Zahle Association, Victoria; Events Coordinator / United Australian Lebanese Movement, Victoria; President / Melkite Catholic Eparchy Council, Victoria;  Past President / Australian Lebanese Association, Victoria; Director / Melkite Catholic Eparchy Corporation LTD Aust/NZ, and Past National Coordinator for UALM.


Members of the ALHSV Executive Committee oversee the running of the Society. Committee Members also take the lead in the organisation of functions that focus on presenting the history of the Lebanese community in Melbourne.

Committee Members

Prof. Lina Shawan-Akl; Glen Kalem-Habib

How you can be involved

  • apply for membership (individual $30; student $15; family $45; institutional $250) more info
  • visit our website
  • contribute material to the website
  • attend ALHSV functions
  • subscribe to our members Newsletter