ALHSV Seminar, 2019 – Tay’b – Lebanese Food Entrepreneurs




In October 2019, three of Melbourne’s Lebanese Food Entrepreneurs told their stories of setting up their food businesses.

Joseph Abboud (Rumi, Moor’s Head, Bar Saracen), Linda Jones (Alimentari), George Choueiri (Soufra Foods)

Lebanese migrants brought with them the cuisine they were familiar with. After establishing their lives in Australia, some sought to make money in a way that would require little skill but was profitable. Over time, for some, the traditional Lebanese Milk Bar extended into cafes and bistros run by former Milk Bar proprietors or their children. Their love of food and the lessons they learned from their parents about food guided their experiences in the food business.

A typical Lebanese mezze.
Our presenters (L to R) – George Choueiri (Soufra Foods), Linda Jones (Alimentari) and Joseph Abboud (Rumi, Moor’s Head, Bar Saracen)